UK or Bust: First Day at Sea (Well River Actually)

Day 13

8:58pm Halifax Nova Scotia Time

I was shaken awake this morning in my cabin at about 5am as the MSC Malaga was helped out of the Port de Montreal by a tugboat, pushing its nose against our side, as the Malaga’s massive engines took over, moving us downriver toward the mouth of the St. Lawrence, and out into the Atlantic. Goodbye North America!


At breakfast, I met Joelas, a Filipino crew member, one of the pilots who steer the ship. He was very friendly, and we talked about life at sea, and what it was like to be away from friends and family nine months out of the year.


The officers are mostly German, and with the exception of Chris the fourth mate, seem a little cold and distant. The crew is much friendlier, and I took the chance as I boarded yesterday to recommend Gussy’s cure for hiccups to a grateful crew member. (eat a spoonful of peanut butter- it actually works– Thanks Gussy!).


All day, we proceeded down the St. Lawrence, passing small fishing villages, and eventually Quebec City, whose castle was beautiful from the water. I explored the ship for the first time, walking up to the bow, and along the gangways.


There is an ample supply of beer, wine, and spirits aboard for sale at ridiculously cheap prices. I just got a 24 pack of Warsteiner for $10US I don’t know how the crew gets any work done!


We set our clocks forward one hour tonight, and this should continue almost every night until we reach Antwerp– therefore no jetlag! I found out today that we are adjusting our route south to avoid bad weather and big waves in the North Atlantic- though we all have our eye on Hurricane Ernesto to the south, which may be a factor as we head into open ocean…..

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