UK or Bust: Glenwood Canyon and Amtrak Community





Day 2: Reno, Nevada to Colorado


4:33pm We are rolling through the Glenwood Canyon at the moment, paralleling the Colorado River along I-70 and the amazing Glenwood Canyon Bike Path that was built as a mitigation for the interstate. I am hanging out with Karlene and Fernando, two friends I met on the train. Karlene lives on the SF Peninsula, and for her four day vacation, she decided to ride the train to Denver and back for the views and the experience. She’ll spend the night in Denver and then ride the train back to SF tomorrow. Fernando is returning to DC, and was visiting his friend from Sacramento.


We passed through Grand Junction about two hours ago, and said goodbye to Rich and Cheryl 😦 but got my hands on some luscious local peaches from a fruit stand at the station which were tasty!


The scenery is gorgeous, the company is fun, but the drawbacks of Amtrak are starting to wear. The train is 4 hours late, which means I’ll probably miss my connecting train in Chicago. The food is pretty awful I hear, even though I’ve managed to make it so far with my own food. And the restrooms could use some maintenance. Overall though, it’s been a great trip. At least there’s plenty of leg room! Even though Amtrak is not what it could be, it’s all we’ve got, and a lot better than nothing!


7:27pm Awesome blues jam session with Maurice and Sheldon……

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