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Hands Across the Road

I was forwarded this event announcement from a mystery source- apparently this happens on Saturday:

Hands Across the Road: Real Solutions to Oil Dependence
On June 26th, millions of well meaning, but misled people will drive their Toyota Priuses to our coastlines to condemn the side effects of a system that they are perpetuating as they fill up on the way to the beach.   There’s only one thing to call the idea that people holding hands (or having simultaneous orgasms or worshipping crystals or having intentional naked drumming circles) will even slow down the multinational energy giants that control our governments and are recklessly endangering our health and safety- magical thinking. (1)

Calling for an end to offshore drilling in the US will simply put more pressure to develop offshore oil in other countries (the ocean- the circulatory system of our planet- knows no national boundaries of course).  It will only increase pressure to develop the toxic and carbon intensive tar sands in Alberta, and push the consequences of our addiction onto less fortunate people from other countries.  Unless….we start driving, flying, and buying less.  Is that really so hard to do?

The cheap and easy oil has already been extracted from the planet.  It gets pretty messy from here on out.  The expectation that we can continue living single occupant vehicle lifestyles- even as oil fouls our nest and the climate destabilizes- is delusional and dangerous.   We are driving the destruction of the planet and we have the power to put a stop to it.

We will join hands across roads all over the US at 10am on June 26th, to physically halt motor vehicle traffic heading to the beach.  Pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transit vehicles will be allowed to continue on their way.

Hands Across the Road is a grassroots initiative that has now gone national.  The movement started in Marin County, Californa where the individual contribution to oil dependence and climate change is among the highest in the nation.  Where affluent people are responsible for some of the highest carbon footprints anywhere in the world.  Where those who can afford it enjoy  vast tracts of open space that may eventually fall victim to these excessive lifestyles.

In Marin meet at 10am at Levee Road and Highway One in Pt. Reyes Station, West Marin County, California.

(1) props to Derrick Jensen