Brushfire Against Smart Meters Growing

Last week, we had a couple of victories as the cities of Scotts Valley and Capitola responded to growing public pressure, demanding that PG&E halt any further ‘smart’ meter installation until public hearings are held and investigations are completed.  This is a major setback for PG&E, who were hoping to roll out their ‘smart’ meter program as quickly as possible without the public realizing that they are putting our health and finances at risk by trying to save a few dollars using wifi instead of safer, more reliable fiber optic technology.

It is astounding how one of the largest rollouts of technology in history- a $2.2 billion dollar project- on our own homes no less- has been approved with virtually no public consultation- and barely any notification.  This is yet another example of the kind of false solution to climate change we’re seeing more of these days.  Some people are looking at climate change, and instead of seeing a watershed moment in human history where we need to re-assess our relationship with the natural world- moving beyond seeing it as an object to be exploited, and instead to a more reciprocal, respectful way of interaction, they are seeing an opportunity for profit.  I’m not against technology, but when governments and corporations offer up techno fixes for some of our most serious problems, we’ve got to be concerned.   Just look at MTBE, a poisonous chemical that was added to gasoline several years ago to prevent air pollution- well it seeped into the ground, poisoning our drinking water.   Catalytic converters have done a lot to reduce air pollution, but they have resulted in greater carbon emissions.

Many of these techno fixes are not solving problems– they’re just sweeping them under the rug.   The nice things about greenhouse gas emissions and EMF radiation- as far as the industry and the government is concerned- is that they are invisible.  People need to stand up and start resisting these attacks on our environment and health.   It’s the same thing that led to the BP spill.

It’s great to see growing resistance to the ‘smart’ meter installations, as shown in the video above.   People are beginning to realize the obvious truth- that the government is no longer looking out for our health and safety- they are only looking out to increase industry profits.

Caveat Emptor.

3 responses to “Brushfire Against Smart Meters Growing

  1. The issue is that the Smart Meters produce dangerous emissions right? Are this emissions different or similar to cell phone emissions? Maybe we need to worry about cell phone use more than smart meter installation, although I agree that as far as health is concerned nothing really good can come of these.

    • onthelevelblog

      Hi Spencer- As far as I know, the smart meters produce intense, brief spikes of radiation that are about 5x the intensity of a cell phone. These spikes occur regularly, 24 hours a day. Yes we need to be concerned with cell phones. We need to be concerned with wifi. We need to be concerned at the invisible ‘electrosmog’ that is permeating our communities without our consent. The smart meter issue is a huge opportunity to make people more aware of the larger EMF issues. The main difference here is that you can choose not to have wifi in your house, you can choose not to use a cell phone, but now PG&E is forcing everyone to have intense EMF emissions on their homes. We need to spread awareness about this issue! And more importantly we need to stop trusting large corporations and the government with our safety! Ultimately, we need to resist. We’ve been so well trained to respect authority- somehow we need to overcome that.

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