After the Greenwash

After a week of confronting a rising tide of nauseating greenwash in the City, it’s nice to be back out in the wild.  The life with whom we share the planet has a lot to say, if only we would listen.   Like you and me, they want to survive.   Perhaps if respect for life was paramount (what else matters after all?), we wouldn’t be in a world of pain and destruction that we are in right now.

From the mortifying shadows of failure in Copenhagen, the country of Bolivia stepped forward and hosted the World People’s Conference on Climate Change.   Instrumental to the outcome is the  Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth.

Long overdue, this document seeks to codify what all of us are born with, but beaten out of us in employee training- err I mean school- that the natural world is full of beings that are every bit as aware as humans.  Nature does not exist for our taking.   That is a one way street toward selfishness, misery and ultimately, collapse.

It’s great to have in Evo Morales a world leader who is not afraid to voice these basic principles, as he did yesterday in the LA Times.

Oak trees and caterpillars have an intrinsic right to exist.  Acceptance of this fact is critical to healing the caustic roots of our climate emergency.   It is also- as it turns out- a deeply revolutionary statement.

Che Guevaras of the insect kingdom unite!

2 responses to “After the Greenwash

  1. Zapatista caterpillars!

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