Car Crazy Cutie- Kill Me Now

I was just down in Santa Cruz today.  My alma mater.  Home of the banana slugs.   There is still this car culture fantasy there, where teenage dreams of driving the wood-paneled stay-wag down to the Boardwalk with the surfboard hanging out the back still evoke a fading, increasingly sour romance.  Smells like benzene and cancer on the ocean breeze to me.

Will someone please improve these ridiculous car culture idols already?  They are on the side of a parking garage on Front St.

Yeah, easy to get out of jail free if you accidentally kill someone…so don’t worry about paying attention while you’re driving…

Been working at a convenience store

Managed to save just a little bit of money

(so I can buy a car and run down those who can’t afford one)

or freeway of noise, fumes, danger, and death (I guess that’s kinda like love)

…because my wife doesn’t love me since I got weak and pasty from sitting in traffic all the time

and of course the obligatory bicycle themed one, to prevent the People Power people from raising hell!  (they should anyway)


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