Quick Update on Cycling City

Just a quick update for those who couldn’t make it to the meeting last week:

There were really no surprises at the meeting.   There are some good elements of the plan, and there are still some poorly thought out aspects.   The public nor the main cycling organisations in Bristol (Lifecycle UK, Bristol Cycling Campaign, and CTC) still haven’t seen the whole plan- it looks like they will keep it under wraps until it is ready to be approved by the larger council, scheduled for the 30th of October.  This is apparently how they do things in Bristol- move forward their plan in private and then run it through the council before anyone has a chance to provide input or feedback.

The long and the short of it is:  if you care about the future of Bristol and its quality of life, get involved with your local cycling organisation and write to your local councillor and CC terry.cook@bristol.gov.uk supporting the points below (in the previous post).   You can join the very active Bristol Cycling Campaign listserve and tell your friends to do the same.    Thanks for everyone who turned out last week. See you on the Halloween Critical Mass!!


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