“Designated Parking Zone (historically this was called a pavement)”

Sometimes a blog comes along that hits the nail on the head, taps into the zeitgeist, and crystallizes what people have been murmuring for years, and which has recently reached epidemic proportions. The sheer volume of cars has not only made most streets in Bristol unlivable, they are now encroaching on the last refuge of the pedestrian- the pavement (sidewalk). The time has come for a backlash!

The brand new darkly hilarious Bristol Cars Blog is a spot on, timely and incisive criticism of the attitudes and behaviour that threaten quality of life in Bristol. Truly the front line against anti-social driving in Bristol. Read it and pass it on.


2 responses to ““Designated Parking Zone (historically this was called a pavement)”

  1. Well here’s me thinking Australian motorists particulary NSW motorists and especially Sydney Motorists were specialists at this. The thing that really gets me is the argument that they have the right to park and the right to drive etc. There are some local government areas which have become virtual battle grounds between motorists and council rangers/parking patrols. In one area – Waverly which includes the famous Bondi Beach area the rangers were instructed to take the car rego so the fine could be sent in the mail. This was done to ensure their safety by avoiding confrontations with motorists. In dealing with a 4wd that was about the same size as a small studio unit that parked on the pavement I used to use a Your Vehicle Is Parked Illegally orange sticker which I got from Critical Mass. It never made any difference although there was a point where the motorist disappeared for a while. He is now back and up to his old tricks. In Sydney there are some streets like the ones depicted in be blog which were made during the era of the horse and cart and as such are narrow and unsuitable for on street parking yet surpise surprise the motorists who reside on those streets park their 4wds on the pavement and complain when they get fined. Car storage is not a right!

  2. For sheer comedy just go to http://www.walk.com.au/pedestriancouncil/Page.asp?PageID=2342
    and see how the Strathfield Mayor parks his prius
    or http://www.walk.com.au/pedestriancouncil/Page.asp?PageID=196
    to see how the parking laws in Manly are ignored outright.

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