You don’t have to be a superhero to save the planet


Produced by the UK’s Cyclists Touring Club (or CTC), this short has been shown to over 5 million moviegoers in Britain. Congratulations to the CTC on being the first to finally produce a sexy, well made short that finally makes the rather belated and obvious connection between cycling promotion and urgent efforts to combat climate change. Also, check out the cycle hero website.

2 responses to “You don’t have to be a superhero to save the planet

  1. Interesting post. I wish we had that sort of leadership and creativity here in Australia. We have had a victory of sorts in that we have neen able to knock a bicycle ban over in Victoria but we still have to put up with the rantings of the NRMA president wanting less bicycle infastructure and Pat Farmer a politician who moved from his “battler” electorate to a wealthy suburb in Sydney who fame out with a faux campaign for bicycle registration.

  2. They stole our idea! A well, at least it got done. Let see it in the US now!
    I wonder what municipal governments and planners think about a new horde of cyclist who are not nessesaraliy prepared to be urban warriors (see the little old ladies). The infrastructure vs. pioneers and what-needs-to-come-first debate.

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