sHELL’s Wild Lie (That it doesn’t kill humans and wildlife to make its Billions)


I start out with a question to the Natural History Museum and the BBC Wildlife Magazine:

“How can it be that the winner of the 2007 Goldman Environmental Prize (the highest honour awarded for protection of the environment) won that prize for resisting the environmental destruction being caused by the sponsor of the 2007 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award?”

What’s going on here? I’m a little confused. Are you really that ignorant? shallow? do you hold shell stock? or are you just easily bought off?”

Learn about Willie Corduff, and how he won his 2007 Goldman Environmental Prize <—click here for video

I am working with Bristol Rising Tide, part of a growing direct action movement against climate change, to expose Shell’s “wild lie” when the exhibition comes to Bristol Museum from 15th December to 13th January. While wildlife suffers the effects of oil exploration, spills and climate change, Shell executives shmooze shamelessly at highbrow cocktail events at the Natural History Museum admiring the splendour of the nature they are destroying. It’s so sick.

I’ve been doing some research on Shell’s activities, and it is indeed a grim tale- the recipe seems to be followed all around the world wherever there’s oil and gas: local environmental damage, corporations propping up ruthless dictators, suppressing local peaceful protest with an iron fist and hired thugs, and then of course the resulting climate damage from their operations and from burning their products. Check out the following links for more about Shell’s operations and their outrageous hypocritical sponsorship of the world’s biggest wildlife photography award:

Friends of the Earth have studies on Shell’s destruction of wildlife:

Art Not Oil illustrating oil company crimes:

Think about the Ogoni people in Nigeria who have been gunned to the ground for defending their land, and their leader Ken Saro-Wiwa who was hanged for being brave enough to stand up against a ruthless corporation and a brutal regime,

Think about the people of County Mayo Ireland who are being beaten and intimidated for protecting their land, think about the polar bears struggling to survive on thin ice, and all the real wildlife all over the world that is suffering from Shell’s activities– then think about being a part of high visibility demonstrations at the Bristol Museum, and anywhere else this exhibition appears.

The dangerous deception and greenwash of Shell sponsoring the wildlife competition must not stand. I’m angry now after watching that Ken Saro-Wiwa video- can you tell? Look out Shell– the Tide is Rising against you!

If you want something to do right now:

The Tragic History Museum has contact e-mails for the judges of the contest- if you want to do a little online activism- be polite and firm!:

Details about the Bristol Exhibition:

E-mail me at if you want to get involved with the local campaign


5 responses to “sHELL’s Wild Lie (That it doesn’t kill humans and wildlife to make its Billions)

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  2. Thanks for the info on Shell

  3. Get you facts straight. Your picture of the Nigerian and the flames behind him is a result of the stupid act of vandalism of a pipeline by the Nigerian locals.

  4. If a company like Shell came to my country, polluting the water and air, endangering our lives, making a huge profit but not sharing that wealth with the people of the country, I would probably also come, bucket in hand, to collect the oil, if it meant I could feed my family. Wouldn’t you?

  5. these nazi environmentalists never report the truth where is all this destruction the grass still grows the forests still grow new trees we have 100 year old people walking around there are plenty of fish to catch in the sea i dont see it they only keep crying wolf to keep the environmental movement money coming in because they are some of the most greedy people i have ever met

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