Chooseday– It’s Time to Act on Climate Change


I have begun working part time for Chooseday, a local voluntary initiative to encourage people to begin to respond to climate change as part of their daily routines. By focusing on one day each week, in this case Tuesday, it will not only allow people to develop a weekly habit of sustainable behaviour, but if large numbers of people begin to take part, it will also provide people with the direct benefits of their actions, in this case, less traffic and a more livable urban environment. Imagine if this really caught on- we could have a weekly demonstration of how the city could be different with fewer cars and more people out on the streets. So get out there, sign up on the website, spread the word to your friends, and leave your two axles of evil at home on Chooseday (if you have them– otherwise get others to leave their automobiles parked that day)!


4 responses to “Chooseday– It’s Time to Act on Climate Change

  1. I leave the car in showroom – I haven’t even bought one! My mountain bike gets me where I wanna go, winter and summer.

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  3. Alright Josh its Robin! Checked your blog as requested and chuffed: Its a luscious log.

    Critical mass on Friday will be an important event for promoting the bicycle and distributing ‘chooseday’ flyers and propaganda so I’ve created these flyers to promote critical mass:

    I’ll mail other people this link get them to print some off and we can do a proper promotion campaign in the week before this crucial critical mass! Check my new blog too

  4. You’ve sparked my curiosity.

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