HEAThrow or BUST!


We’re on our way to Heathrow climate camp cycling 130 miles from Bristol to London. Today- the 10th of August we held a tremendously successful demonstration outside BIA. As you can see, Sleazyjet and Fryin’air gave BIA officials a run for their money, with over 12 interviews by local media throughout the day. Many people hooted their support including a DHL fuel tanker driver. A BIA airport bus driver even stopped his bus in the middle of the roundabout and gave us a bag of fruit. Then the hot air balloons of Bristol were rising as we rode back into town, excited about our Saturday ride to Bradford-upon- Avon. Heathrow here we come!

Thursday, August 9 2007 0795 654 8966

Bristolians to Cycle from BIA to LHR Camp for Climate Action
Group Part of National ‘Critical Mass’ of Cyclists Descending on Heathrow

Bristol residents fed up with the growth of polluting short haul flights and government plans to expand airports throughout the UK will cycle from Bristol International Airport to the Camp for Climate Action at London’s Heathrow Airport on Friday August 10th. The cyclists, as well as thousands of other people expected to protest at Heathrow next week hope to raise awareness of the fact that flying generates ten times the amount of CO2 as taking a train, and that aviation is the fastest growing source of carbon emissions in the UK.

Expansion proposals at both Bristol International and London’s Heathrow Airport would have a devastating impact on both local quality of life and the global climate, say protesters. Heathrow’s proposed third runway would obliterate three villages and destroy 700 homes, and allow future carbon emissions to skyrocket.

“Scientists tell us the recent extreme weather events and flooding in the UK and parts of South Asia are directly related to our emissions of greenhouse gases, and aviation is the fastest growing source. Why should the airline industry be allowed to increase its carbon emissions when the rest of us are being asked to cut back?” says Joshua Hart, 31, of Bristol.

The Camp for Climate Action is described as eight days of low-impact living, debates, learning skills, and high-impact direct action tackling the root causes of climate change, and is happening from Aug. 14th to the 21st near Heathrow in West London.

The cyclists plan to hold a demonstration Friday evening at 5pm at the roundabout in front of Bristol International, then leave Bristol Saturday morning at 10am from the fountains in the City Centre (St. Augustine’s Parade), ride along the Bristol to Bath Cycle Path, then along the beautiful Kennet and Avon Canal for much of the way to London. Bristolians are invited to join the whole ride, and are encouraged to bring camping gear, or simply pedal to Bath for the day, lending moral support for the cyclists on the beginning of their long tour.

The ride will stop in various cities and towns along the way (see schedule below) and raise awareness of the upcoming Climate Camp through leafleting, street theatre, and direct action. Others are expected to join the ride along the way, swelling the numbers until the ride reaches a “critical mass” somewhere outside of London.

Environmentalists were buoyed last week when a judge refused to approve BAA’s application for a wide ranging injunction against the camp. The injunction attempt was widely ridiculed because it would have included the Queen, and even the judge hearing the case, as criminals if they ventured near Heathrow. The widespread publicity over the last week is expected to swell the numbers at the Camp, and advocates such as George Monbiot have now inisisted that the camp is much more than an environmental demonstration, it is a “protest for democracy against growing corporate power.”

“Heathrow Climate Camp 2007 is going to be the start of a new movement for climate justice taking off.” said Trevor Houghton, 53, of Bristol, one of the riders.


2 responses to “HEAThrow or BUST!

  1. I love it! Go Josh & firends!!!!

    I’d fly out to see all of this but….
    thanks for postsing pictures.

  2. Hi man,

    Hope the day of action went okay! Any chance you could send us on an email with some pics? Am trying to get some coverage of the event back here in Galway.

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