Sleazyjet: Come on, let’s fry!


Here is my letter to Sleazyjet, the UK’s low cost short haul airline, in response to their “fly greener” environment page, predictably appearing in the weeks before climate camp at

In other news: My friend Jon from SF runs a cycling podcast called Bikescape- we recently had a conversation about climate change and transport politics in the UK. My part is about half way through.

Bristol to Heathrow Climate Camp Bike Ride is Leaving from Bristol International this Friday evening, August 10th, stopping in Bath, Bradford-upon- Avon, Chippenham, and Reading among other places over the next 4 days, spreading the word about climate camp and the need to oppose airport expansion and begin to fly less. We arrive at the Climate Camp Site on the 14th. If you want to join us at any point along the way call us on 0795 654 8966 or see the Climate Camp Bike Ride page.

Also, check out my man George Monbiot’s climate camp column in the Guardian.

Ok here it is- my (former) customer feedback to Easyjet and its owner Stellios, the billionaire who has become rich expoliting the world’s poor and vulnerable victims of climate chaos.

Come on Sleazyjet– Let’s Fry!

More climate change- more short sighted short haul flights- the writing is on the wall for aviation- your blatant animated greenwashing page will convince no one. Aviation is still the fastest growing source of carbon dioxide and trains are more efficient, and much more fun. you people are pathetic. just pathetic. and you are swiftly becoming obsolete.

I really hope Sleazyjet and Fryin’air both go bankrupt and that Stellios has to sell his freakin’ pleasure boat. Maybe he can donate it as a medical vessel to help a fraction of the millions now struggling in south asia (not to mention south gloucestershire) from climate chaos and floods that he has helped to bring about.

Also, make sure to thank your friends BAA for giving climate camp all that free publicity. Cheers very much for that. it is obvious your industry is under attack, and Ken Livingstone is right when he calls BAA ‘out of their skulls’ You are all out of your skulls, and have your heads buried in the sand. Well, it seems that it’s all coming down next week. You can’t hide from the reality of climate change forever. The Planet does have its limits.

Also thanks so much for disrupting the peace and quiet of our neighbourhood under the flight path…….really makes us all support airport expansion.

Just please stop destroying our future and then lying about it. Please.


Captain Climate


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