UK or Bust: Refuge at the Bow

Day 19

8:20pm Reykjavík – Iceland (GMT) Time

Location: About 450 nautical miles west of Spain

Weather: Whitecaps, about 4-5 metre swells

Speed: 21.4 knots

I spent the morning out on the bow of the ship with my guitar. The only sounds up there are the waves crashing against the hull and the wind whistling. In fact, it’s the only place on the ship where I can tune my guitar, as the vibrations of the engine interfere with my electronic tuner back in the accommodation. It’s also the only place on the ship where you can’t smell gasoline, oil, or exhaust. It’s really peaceful, and hardly anyone else comes up there. Leaning over the railing, gazing down at the ship gliding over the water passing underneath, it feels as if you are flying. Kinda cheezy, but it reminds me of that romantic scene from Titanic, except on this voyage, Leonardo (ha! hardly…) is going solo….

I ran into the engine crew in the officer’s lounge right before lunch and patched things up. I have a tour scheduled for 3:30pm tomorrow, and all is good.

I was hanging out with the crew after dinner, and they were smoking and singing bad karaoke, and I just couldn’t hang, so I’ve retired to my cabin to read my book.

I’ve been listening to Metric, a great band from Montreal. In addition to some great music, they have timely, relevant lyrics:

“buy that car to drive to work

drive to work to pay for that car….”

and “buy less- use less- we’re asking for too much I guess…”

I went to the Metric show at the Fillmore in SF, and the place was packed with teenieboppers. You know when teenieboppers are bopping to lyrics like these, that the movement has gone mainstream…


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