UK or Bust: Remembering a Bittersweet Goodbye Party in Dolores Park

Leaving the US has made me again sad to be leaving such a bunch of wonderful people behind in San Francisco. Speaking of wonderful people, I want to mention two blogs of my friends that I think are particularly interesting. Warren’s blog is all about creating local economies, and he’s even more obsessed by extreme weather and global warming than I am, if that’s possible! My friend Jon Winston maintains a blog and podcast called Bikescape, where he interviews various people (including this blogger) about bikey issues. Both fascinating, and regularly updated blogs. Check them out!


On Sunday, August 12th, many of you and your trusty steeds came to see me off and drink beer in Dolores park, where our little merry band found its way to our blanket with a skull and crossbones flying high. Thanks for coming to say goodbye y’all. I’ll miss you!! Sad….. 😦


And when the sun had gone

We said goodbye to the day and then

We carried on

We carried on

We carried on…….





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