UK or Bust: No Sleep (or shower) ’til Brooklyn

3:50 EST Just outside Albany, New York. I managed to catch the evening Lakeshore Limited to New York. Another sold out, packed train. Not too bad in all, though I am looking forward to a bed and a shower at the Hotel Pennsylvania across the street where I’m splurging on a room. I probably have had 4 or 5 hours sleep the last three nights. Interesting to see Upstate New York this afternoon- the Hudson is beautiful. I am sitting talking with Kat, a nice 19 year old design student from Chicago, who is studying in Providence, RI. She is stretching and sketching, and we are chatting about the Superhero Bike Rides, global warming, bike touring, and the usual lot of gibberish…. there are so many stories on the train, people sad to be leaving, happy to be arriving somewhere, or falling in and out of love. Quite romantic really, if it weren’t for the smell of rancid butter in the diner.


Tomorrow I will hopefully hang out with Dan Firger of former Rainforest Action Network fame, and ride across the Brooklyn Bridge. Then Tuesday it’s a 9 hour train ride to Montreal (hopefully only 9 hours), where I will stay with Rich Dugas for a few days, a bicycle advocate who trains disadvantaged youth to do presentations to Elementary school students about global warming and bicycles. Pretty cool– I cant wait to sit down and find out more. No doubt that will be the subject of future blog entries. Stay Tuned, fellow velorutionaries


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